CSGO: Major Roster changes/shuffle in 2019 after Starladder Berlin Major

Major Roster changes/shuffle (2019) in the history of CSGO:

After Starladder Berlin Major, many teams were upset with their performance which gave rise to the roaster changes! We have seen major roaster changes where players having HLTV world rank less than 30 are getting switched from one roaster to others. We will brief the major changes which have taken place in top 10 CSGO teams:

G2 Esports transfer Shox to Team Vitality and acquires Nexa and Hunter:

  • G2 Esports have benched Lucky and transferred Shox to Team Vitality
  • This moved opened door to two new places for which G2 Esports have signed Nexa And Hunter
  • In my view, this will improve the firepower of the team as based on Hunter’s performance in last Major (Starladder Berlin Major) was lit and his aim is quite crisp! Apart from that Nexa will be taking over the IGL role


Team Vitality confirm signing of Shox:

  • Team Vitality have benched NBK
  • Shox has been acquired by Team Vitality in place of NBK
  • In my view, it is gonna be interesting since the addition of Shox will give Zywoo the freedom to play with the support of Shox!


Ninjas in Pyjamas sign twist:

  • On September 26th, Ninjas in Pyjamas part ways with the legendary player GeT_RiGhT
  • On September 27th, Ninjas in Pyjamas have acquired twist from team Fnatic
  • It’s really an emotional phase for the legendary player however if we think pratically, the NiP roster did need that change however the legendary player will always be missed ;(

Guardian returns to Na’vi:

  • On September 20th, Natus Vincere has acquired Guardian – the legendary AWPER
  • It seems that the good old days are back for Na’Vi with Guardian as the AWPER which will give s1mple the chance to play with rifles and have more freedom across the map
  • I am personally happy with this decision as it seemed like Guardian deserved this spot in Na’vi

Evil Geniuses acquire NRG Esports roster:

  • Well, it’s quite a strange news coming up just before the ESL One New York 2019 that the North American organisation Evil Geniuses have acquired Starladder Major’s semi-finalists NRG
  • I think it was a boss-like move from Evil Geniuses as the team scored 1st position in their 1st tournament – ESL One New York 2019!!
  • I hope that they continue performing the same streak and beat the ever favourites – Astralis in upcoming events as well! 🙂


Faze acquires coldzera and Broky:

  • This change is one of the most discussed roster shuffles since the amount of money which was put in to acquire coldzera from the Brazilian roster was huge!
  • Faze clan have part ways with Guardian by transferring him to Na’vi ( his historic home 😛 )
  • Broky is one of the top names in FPL having a rank in top 5 and we hope to see a lot from him in future events
  • I am a big fan of Faze clan and hope that this change improves their performance in upcoming events



Do you like these changes? Feel free to share your views on this in the comment section.

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