Stripe payment gateway not accepting your credit/debit card? We got more payment solutions for you!

1. Payment via PayPal

2. Payment via Cash App Card

3. Payment via SEAGM: (Check below)

Sign up on SEAGM

Click here to sign up on SEAGM

Purchase gift cards

Purchase Amazon INR gift cards through SEAGM payment gateway – Click here for Amazon INR GC

We provide you coupon in exchange of gift card

You can hand us the gift card through the live chat (available at the bottom right of the page) or discord support ticket (recommended if you are not available) or else fill the below form. Click here to join our discord server.
In exchange, we’ll provide you a coupon worth following denomination:
For INR 1000 Amazon gift card, you’ll get 13$ worth of coupon
For INR 500 Amazon gift card, you’ll get 6.5$ worth of coupon
We’ll reply back to you instantly or within 6 hours (max) on discord.

Redeem the coupon and make the purchase!

You can use the coupon received in the previous step to make the purchase and get your order details instantly!!
Click here to locate your order details instantly after placing the order.

Following gift cards can be purchased through SEAGM:

**(INR 500 Amazon GC = 6.5 USD coupon on our store)
**(INR 1000 Amazon GC = 13 USD coupon on our store)

SEAGM gives you access to a wide-variety of payment methods. You can check the available options here

1. USA:

2. EUR:

3. AUD:

4. CAD: