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  • CS2 Private Rank: 1
  • Full Access: Yes
  • Hours played: 0
  • VAC Status: Clean
  • Guard: Disabled
  • Region Restrictions: None
  • Instant Delivery: Enabled
  • Account delivery method: Email

Buying the right CS2 Prime account:

Our website offers all the cs2 prime accounts which include all cs2 ranked accounts ranging from cs2 silver accounts, cs2 gold nova accounts, master guardian 1, master guardian 2, master guardian elite, cs2 account global elite, cs2 500 hours accounts, and cs2 1000 hours accounts which are faceit ready and compatible along with extra hours. For choosing the right product, you should aim at your requirement.

Rank-wise pick:

If you are planning to have a good time by trolling low rankers then cs2 silver accounts should be your choice. Purchasing cs2 silver account can result in the much-wanted smurf experience that you are looking for. However, if you are looking to purchase a rank equivalent to your main which might be a gold nova or master guardian I or master guardian II, then cs2 gold nova accounts or master guardians should be your choice. Apart from this, if you want to buy a smurf with the same rank as your main and your main rank is Global elite, then you should buy cs2 account global elite account.

Benefits of buying a CS2 Smurf or ranked account:

Surprisingly, you have a lot of benefits if you buy cs2 smurf accounts with prime enabled. Firstly, smurf prime accounts offer protection from most of the cheaters which are found in non-prime (free-version) since it enables you to queue in prime matchmaking and you’ll only have teammates/opponents who have prime enabled on their accounts. Secondly, CS2prime accounts are instantly playable which means you can queue for matchmaking right after purchasing and skip the hurdle of reaching private rank 21 or purchasing prime which costs a lot of bucks. Thirdly, it comes in at a cheap price as compared to prime status upgrade.

Benefits of buying CS2 Fresh & Private Rank 2 (PR2) accounts:

Buy Fresh Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Prime Accounts or CS2 private rank 2 prime accounts for getting the best experience if you are starting playing this game and want to experience every stage from waiting for competitive cooldown after every two wins to opening your CS2 Account’s rank after 10 wins! Feel the joy of opening your first rank or just enjoy smurfing with newbies 😀

Here, at MyGamingLounge, you can find cheap cs2 prime accounts, cs2 ranked accounts (prime), and cs2 smurf accounts starting at the cheap price of $16.99 only. Finally, there are a lot of other benefits which include better trust factor, increased chance for a good drop – (Players with Prime Status are eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases), better match-making experience, etc which come with cs2 prime accounts.

Trust factor – Impact of prime accounts and other factors:

We, at MyGamingLounge only deal in prime accounts (may it be unranked or cs2 ranked prime accounts) for several reasons. The most important one out of them is to enhance your matchmaking experience. Prime status plays a crucial role in boosting the account’s trust factor however there are a lot of other factors which play an important role in setting the trust factor of the account such as non-prime account, Prime account with a lot of reports, frequently lobbying/queuing with players who are having low trust factor, playing from a restricted account which has not added 5$ (minimum spend to make account unrestricted), etc.

Why choose Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS2 Accounts

Counter-strike Global Offensive is a game that offers a lot of things that other games didn’t have. The competitive game mode, the skill required, and just the game design, in general, was exactly the thing the gamers were looking for and it was nowhere to be found in any other game. In other FPS games, mostly have deathmatch modes and modes similar to this. All of these are just players playing for a set time, score, or until an objective is reached while constantly respawning. This gets extremely boring really fast. You constantly are just running around the map killing people before they see you, or the opposite, getting killed from behind. In CS2, you have something new and more fun: 5v5 competitive. In this, people don’t respawn after they die until the round is over. This allows for much more strategic play and more individual skills. Though there are games that are now trying to copy the concept however they have not been able to take replace Counter Strike Global Offensive in terms of popularity by gamers.

Read this update before you buy cs2 smurf or cs2 prime account:

After the recent update, non-prime CS2 account can no longer earn XP, get ranked or get ingame drops. That means, non prime accounts can no longer reach private rank 21 by boosting the private rank and convert to prime. If you are not familiar, earlier, non-prime CS2 accounts could be converted to prime by boosting the private rank of that account to level 21 which enabled the Prime status on the account. However, since that is no longer valid, the only option to convert any account to prime is by purchasing prime status update on that account. That’s the reason why the price of accounts have increased for all the prime accounts and it is expected to increase more going forward!

Instant delivery across all accounts

All the game account/prime account/CS2 smurf accounts are delivered instantly on your email and available instantly on our website! You can follow the guide – “Where’s my order” once you have done the payment to get the account details instantly! You can check the instant delivery by making a purchase for “Instant delivery test product”. We accept payment via Paypal – Click here for complete guide