Payment via PayPal/Gift cards/Paysafe/Skrill/UnionPay/WeChat/G2A wallet/Bitcoin:

We don’t support PayPal on our website however you can still use PayPal to make purchases on our site by using the following methods:

The best way is to use G2A gift cards, here’s the complete process:

Sign up

Sign up on

Purchase gift cards

Purchase G2A gift cards by making payment through PayPal – Click Here

We provide you coupon in exchange of gift card

You can hand us the gift card through the live chat (available at the bottom right of the page) or discord support ticket (recommended if you are not available). Click here to join our discord server. In exchange, we’ll provide you a coupon worth the amount which’ll be applicable on our store(1 EUR gift card = 1 USD coupon).
We’ll reply back to you instantly or within 6 hours (max) on discord.

Redeem the coupon and make the purchase!

You can use the coupon received in the previous step to make the purchase and get your order details instantly!!
Click here to locate your order details instantly after placing the order.

Detailed explanation:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Purchase the G2A gift card equivalent or more than the cost of the gaming account you wish to purchase
    For example: For an 8 USD gaming account, you’ll need to purchase the following gift cards via PayPal/Gift cards/Paysafe/Skrill/UnionPay/WeChat/G2A wallet/Bitcoin and other payment methods (snippet below)

    Here’s a list of gift cards available on G2A-Pay:


  3. Once purchased, you can share the gift cards with us through live chat available at the bottom right of our website (if we are online).
    Else, in case we are offline, just join our discord server – and share the gift cards by creating a support ticket. Once we are online, we’ll generate a coupon worth the number of gift cards you have purchased after redeeming those gift cards on our account
  4. Add the gaming account you wish to buy in the cart by clicking on “Add to cart” on the product page:
  5. Then go to the cart page – and apply the coupon that you received in step number 3 and it should minus that amount from your cart total value
  6. Proceed to checkout, fill out the billing details and you should be good to place the order without any extra payment

The alternative method by purchasing crypto through Paypal:

The alternative method is to add funds on Coinbase using PayPal. You can follow the complete guide via
Alternatively, you can try any of the following exchanges to add money via PayPal and use the cryptocurrency for making the payment on checkout via Coinbase gateway (Available on our checkout):
For the US:
For other countries:

More methods: