Buy CS2 High Tier Medal Accounts:

Buy CSGO high tier prime accounts or high tier CSGO accounts that contain service medals, operation pass and sometimes come with additional goodies like Rainbow Six Siege, GTA-V, etc. All high tier prime accounts will have at least a single service medal with high wins (usually ~ 100+ wins) and a high amount of hours spent on CSGO. We have personally opened the rank on most of these accounts and put in a lot of hard work to get service medals on these accounts. The most important thing that we have taken care of each account is to have a high trust factor! For 90% of high tier accounts, we have ensured to follow methods to have a high trust factor (GREEN) by following the guide given on “Page – How to improve trust factor?” 

Quick update on stock: Due to overwhelming response, all our high tier accounts are going out of stock frequently. We are working on bringing back the best deals asap! Please stay tuned!

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $89.99.

  • Can add friends: Yes
  • Wins: 10+
  • CS2 Rating: 12000+ rating
  • Hours played: 500+
  • Medals: 2021 and 2023
  • Coins: Global Offensive Badge
  • Commends: 14+

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