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Welcome to the MyGamingLounge Counter Strike 2 – CS2 account store! This page includes exclusive accounts having CS2 access which is only present in very limited number of accounts worldwide! Feel free to buy cs2 accounts and get the details instantly


  • CSGO Rank: Master Guardian - 2
  • Wins: 377
  • Hours played: 770+
  • Medals: 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • Coins: 10 Year Birthday Coin, Diamond Operation Broken Fang Coin, and Diamond Operation Riptide Coin
  • Commends: 19+
  • FaceIT details: Not made
  • CS2 Limited Test: Available!


  • CSGO Rank: Gold Nova - 3
  • Wins: 177
  • Hours played: 410+
  • Medals: 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • Coins: 10 Year Birthday Coin, Diamond Operation Broken Fang Coin, Diamond Operation Riptide Coin, Rio 2022 Gold Coin and Paris 2023 Silver Coin
  • Commends: 19+
  • FaceIT details: Not made
  • Can add friends: Yes
  • CS2 Limited Test: Available

Buy CS2 Accounts

At MyGamingLounge, we aim to get you the best and most updated version of the game and hence on this page you can buy the accounts and experience the latest version of the game – Counter Strike 2. Even at limited availability, we are here to provide you accounts with Counter Strike 2 on them to provide you the latest and exclusive gaming solutions for Counter Strike 2.

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How to launch CS2 accounts?

It is quite simple to lanch CS2 game using CS2 Steam account. You need to click on play button and just choose Counter Strike 2 from the launch option as below:

Once selected, go ahead and click on Play button and the game should continue launching in Counter Strike 2 Edition.

Which CS2 accounts do we offers?

Welcome to MyGamingLounge Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Account Store! On this page, you can buy all types of Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Smurf accounts, CS2 Prime accounts kaufen, high-class CS2 Market to purchase CS2 Prime account which includes CS2 Silver accounts, CS2 Nova accounts, CS2 Guardian accounts, CS2 High ranks, Mid-tier (High private rank accounts) and High tier (with service medal/coins and much more) CS2 Rank prime accounts! 🙂 Buy Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Accounts – Fresh prime, private rank 2 prime, All ranked prime and high tier prime accounts available on our store!

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