CS2 Console commands and binds

Looking for key CS2 console commands and binds?

If yes, this page is for you! This page will only focus on key console commands and binds to walk you through different set of commands which might only work for CS2 but not for CS:GO.


CS2 Console commands:

  1. Sv_jump_spam_penalty_time — As per the official logs, this command is meant to allow fine-tuning of the bunny hop feel:

    Description: If you set this to 0 along with “sv_autobunnyhopping 1” you can hold your jump key and it will bhop. If you set sv_jump_spam_penalty_time to anything above 0 you can’t hold your jump key anymore
    Looking for the right value for this command? Our recommendation is to set it to 0.015625. Find more details on reddit – Click here
  2. Cl_autoswitch — For ensuring that you do not auto-switch weapon on pick-up
    Description: Set it to 0 if you want to disable auto switch of weapon on pick-up
  3. cl_showfps — To show the FPS count on top left corner of the screen. This command is only meant to show FPS without any additional details
    Description: Set it to 1 if you are only interested in basic FPS <Best>
    Set it to 2 if you want a similar view like netgraph in CSGO <Too much info>
    Set it to 3 if you want server tickrate and timing <Too much info>
  4. r_fullscreen_gamma — The brightness slider in video settings can be changed with this command. Please note: It will only work if you are on full-screen (full screen-windowed won’t work)
    Description: Default value of 2.20.
    If you are one of the players who feels that the game is too bright, change the value to 3


CS2 key binds:

1. Jump Throw:

     alias "+boing" "+jump" ;
     alias "+ding" "-attack; -attack2" ;
     alias "+dong" "-jump";
     bind MOUSE3 "+boing; +ding; +dong";

Replace MOUSE3 in the above bind with the key you want to set for the jump throw

2. In Progress – We are still looking for brilliant comments to add more stuff here!



Alternatively, you can use the website – cs2bindsgenerator.com to generate a normal bind using a graphical interface

Are you aware of other key CS2 commands which might be useful?

Please feel free to share it in the comments and we shall add it to this list to help fellow members of the community.


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