Derank/Deranking/Get Lobby Link/Inviting friends using friend code in CS GO

Derank in CSGO:

Well, deranking is done when a player wants to intentionally decrease his/her rank which can be due to any of the following reasons:

  • The skill level of the player is too low based on their current CSGO Rank
  • He/She wants to rank at the same level as his friends to have a better matchmaking experience for his mates
  • He/She might wanna derank to dominate the low rankers and play the game as a stress reliever (Truly me 😛)
  • To try out something out of the box which is not possible in current rank
  • And for many other factors

How is Deranking done in CS GO?

Deranking is generally done with a full squad of 5 members due to the fact that in case you are doing a solo/duo queue, you might find some pro players who reject deranking and might win some rounds or even win the game by themselves which will increase your ELO and you will have to derank for even more number of matches to come down to the previous ELO!

So, just before you start deranking, here are some points which might be of great use and will definitely help you derank in the right, easiest and quickest manner:

  • Always take a full lobby of derankers and try to have players with rank lower than yours, this will not only help you in decreasing the EO but it also ensures a quick derank
  • Here’s the list of matches (on average) required to derank based on rank (Please note, this count might vary in case your current account ELO is too high or too low for your rank):

         LEM (Legendary Eagle Master) to GE (The Global Elite): requires losing of 2-4 matches to derank

         MG1 (Master Guardian 1) to DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian): requires losing of 3-5 matches to derank

         GN1 (Gold Nova 1) to GNM (Gold Nova Master): requires losing of 4-8 matches to derank

         S2 (Silver 2) to SEM (Silver Elite Master): requires losing of 6-12 matches to derank or even more for the case of silver 2 and silver 3!


How to get lobby link in CS GO?

Before we start with the guide on how is CS GO Deranking done, you might wanna know how to create and share your lobby id.

After the recent update, you need to click on Play and invite a friend to create a lobby. Below are the detailed steps on how to create a lobby in CS GO and how to get CSGO lobby link:

  • First, open the game and click on Play icon on top left:


  • Choose the list of maps and then invite a friend/recent teammate by click on the “Friend Online” or “Recent teammates” icon as shown below:


  • Also, make sure that you have kept the lobby settings to “Friends Can Join” which is available at the bottom left of the page:


  • Once a friend/recent teammate has been invited, your lobby link will be generated. To get your lobby link, reload your profile link and right click on join game button on the profile page and click on “Copy Link Address“:


  • Now you have the lobby link, which can be shared on the below list of platforms where derankers will see it and join your lobby: (Considered as the best and simple deranking website)


Additional steps for inviting to a lobby using friend code in CS GO:

  • First of all, open your game and click on “Add Friend” icon on the right hand as highlighted in below snippet:
  • Once you click on “Add Friend” icon, you’ll see the below dialog box:
  • Click on “Copy your code” as highlighted in above snippet
  • Share the code (Code would look like XXXXX-XXXX) with your friend and tell them to paste this friend code in the same dialog box and click on tick mark as mentioned in the below snippet:

    1. Click on the tick mark
    2. Click on the invite button as highlighted in above snippet
    3. This will send an invite which will look like below in your CSGO:

    Click on (+) sign and you will join the lobby of your friend.
  • That’s it, now you have learned all the methods of creating and inviting friends to your lobby!

Top steam groups for deranking:

Now that you know how to invite anyone using friend code, you need to join a deranking steam group to join a deranking lobby and start deranking!
Here’s the list of top steam deranking groups:
Derankers Derank (Most active group as of July 2023)
Derankers Party

CSGO Derank command/console commands:

Before queuing in a deranking lobby, make sure that you set your ping to 350 (maximum) since most of the types you will be queuing up with people from different countries and the below console command will do just that:

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 350

Once you are in the match, you can use the below commands to make sure your player is not kicked for being AFK:


The above command is basically pressing the forward and back key at the same time which results in player standing at the same position but the game thinks that you are not AFK and hence you will never be kicked out of the game for being AFK! How cool is that? 😀

Once you are done with the match, make sure to enter the below commands to remove the effect of the above commands:


It simply removes the forward and backward and brings you back to the normal state where-in you can use your keyboard keys to move the player around! Ez Pz 🙂

Isn’t deranking easy? Share your thoughts on it in the below section! 🙂

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