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Enrolling for CS2 (Counter Strike 2) Limited Test Invite

Here’s a quick and easy walkthrough of accepting the CS2 Limited Test Invite:   Step 1: Click on the Counter-Strike 2: Limited Test Invitation logo which should be visible on the top left of your screen   Step 2: Click on the “Enroll” button on the pop-up message:   Step 3: Click on “Exit and […]

What is Overwatch Case Review in CS GO? – All about overwatch in csgo

Overwatch in CSGO Well, in case you have any of the below questions in mind or looking for an explanation to the below points, then my mate you are in the right place! What is Overwatch in CS GO? How to enable Overwatch for your CSGO account or what are the requirements for Overwatch in […]

What is Trust Factor in CSGO? Your trust factor is lower, how to improve your trust factor in CSGO?

Trust Factor in CSGO: In case you have any of the below questions in mind, then you are in the right place! What’s the trust factor in CSGO? Your CSGO has a substantially lower trust factor Your CSGO has a low trust factor for no reason You want to check the CSGO trust factor of […]

G2 Esports transfer Shox to Team Vitality and acquires Nexa and Hunter

G2 Esports transfer Shox to Team Vitality and acquires Nexa and Hunter: In another shuffle of top players after Starladder Berlin Major, two Serbian players who played from German organization have been transferred to G2 Esports despite the fact that the CEO of CR4ZY took it to twitter and accused the CEO of G2 Esports […]

CSGO: Major Roster changes/shuffle in 2019 after Starladder Berlin Major

Major Roster changes/shuffle (2019) in the history of CSGO: After Starladder Berlin Major, many teams were upset with their performance which gave rise to the roaster changes! We have seen major roaster changes where players having HLTV world rank less than 30 are getting switched from one roaster to others. We will brief the major […]

Trading/Purchasing skins in CS GO

Trading, Purchasing or Renting CSGO Skins What is CS GO Skin? In CSGO, Skins are an alternate outfit for your weapons/character which includes knives, guns, gloves, etc. It is also regarded as the “finish” which means the unique pattern which is followed while making a skin that results in a different, unique look from default […]

Derank/Deranking/Get Lobby Link/Inviting friends using friend code in CS GO

Derank in CSGO: Well, deranking is done when a player wants to intentionally decrease his/her rank which can be due to any of the following reasons: The skill level of the player is too low based on their current CSGO Rank He/She wants to rank at the same level as his friends to have a […]

How to redeem a service medal in csgo?

WHAT IS A SERVICE MEDAL IN CSGO? Profile Ranks were introduced in Global Offensive as part of May 26, 2015 (Operation Bloodhound) update as a mostly cosmetic form of upgrading a player’s status by playing on official servers. By playing on official game servers, players gain experience points towards the goal of increasing the player’s […]