What is Overwatch Case Review in CS GO? – All about overwatch in csgo

Overwatch in CSGO

Well, in case you have any of the below questions in mind or looking for an explanation to the below points, then my mate you are in the right place!

  • What is Overwatch in CS GO?
  • How to enable Overwatch for your CSGO account or what are the requirements for Overwatch in CS GO?
  • What are the rewards associated with the Overwatch case in CSGO?
  • When is a CS GO Player likely to get investigated by Overwatch?

What is overwatch in CS GO?

Overwatch was introduced to CSGO as a part of the update on 10th June 2016.

Overwatch is a part of the valve anti-cheat system where-in when someone gets reported up to a certain amount,
a 10 min clip of their match is sent to the Overwatch investigators. Overwatch Investigators consist of selected CSGO players
who are verified and trusted to review the match as an Overwatch Investigator.
If all the Overwatch Investigators agree that the suspect is using Aim Assistance (Aimbot) or using Vision Assistance (Walling) or External Assistance (Scripts for bunny hopping, speed hack, etc) or Griefing in-game,
the suspect will be banned. Though no one can be sure about the steps involved in enabling Overwatch or Overwatch requirements in CS GO,
however by now we do have a fair idea of how people get the Overwatch feature or an extra menu icon where they can go and review clips as an Overwatch Investigator.

Here is how the Overwatch verdict submission form looks like:

(This form appears after you have watched or reviewed the complete demo of the suspect) 

How to enable overwatch for your CSGO account or what are the requirements for Overwatch in CS GO?

As explained above, there aren’t any particular requirements which will definitely make your account overwatch enabled
however, we do have a fair idea regarding the basic requirements for getting overwatch enabled on any CSGO account
which is listed below:

  1. The first and foremost requirement for getting Overwatch feature on your account is to have your CSGO account’s rank greater than or equal to Gold Nova 1. This has been evident that none of the silver ranked
    accounts received the overwatch feature on their account even if the account suffice with the remaining requirements
  2. The number of wins on the CS GO account should be greater than or equal to 150. We have several cases where the overwatch got enabled right away at 150 wins however we have also seen cases where overwatch
    was not enabled beyond 200 wins. This might be due to the fact that the account was missing one of the other requirements
  3. The account has at least 350 hours or greater play-time for CS GO
  4. The account should have a good trust factor – Click here to find the complete guide on improving the trust factor of your account, checking the current trust factor or to know how is your trust factor impacted?
  5. The age of CSGO amount should be greater than 1 year (Earlier 3 years, however, we have seen several cases where the overwatch was enabled after 1 year too!)

All the above requirements were defined based on the current scenario and can change in the future. For example, Valve might change the minimum rank requirements to Gold Nova 4 for having overwatch feature on the account.

(A Sample account with overwatch enabled. Rank – Master Guardian Elite, Wins – 434, CSGO Playtime – 1300+ hours, Trust factor – Green (Click here for complete guide on trust factor) Account age – 2 years)

What are the rewards associated with the Overwatch case in CSGO?

Until now, there was only one reward which was publically announced by CS GO for reviewing match as an Overwatch Investigator
however, it has been evident from recent facts and also from our personal experience that there is a second reward which is
automatically applied to your account by watching Overwatch Case as an investigator:
  1. The first and foremost reward is CS GO Overwatch XP Bonus. You will receive the following notification after a few hours
    of submitting the verdict for overwatch case:

    Post this, once you play any casual/competitive game, you’ll receive the Overwatch XP Bonus as shown in the below snippet:
  2. The second reward which was publically not announced by CS GO or Valve but is evident from our personal experience and
    the recent fact is that your account’s trust factor is also improved by reviewing matches as CS GO investigator
    So in case you are struggling in every match due to low trust factor of your account, it’s time to review some matches and improve
    your account’s trust factor for getting a better matchmaking experience

When is a CS GO Player likely to get investigated by Overwatch?

As per the CSGO’s official Overwatch FAQ page – any player is likely to get investigated by Overwatch when the number of reports
against that particular player increases rapidly or slowly to a particular threshold which is defined by the system. This threshold
was never made public. To add to this, a player can also end up in overwatch even if he was previously proven as non-guilty. It purely
depends on the current status of VAC standing of the player’s account.
More reports = Bad VAC standing or Red or Low trust factor
Fewer reports = Good VAC standing and a Green or high trust factor
Click here for a complete guide on trust factor of a CSGO account.
Now you know how the overwatch works in CSGO, what are your view? How can the CSGO team improve this system?
Share your views in the comment section.
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