A quick guide to change your steam account details:

We thank you for purchasing the account (Find your order here) through our website and in view of your account’s security, we request you to change the following details associated with your account:

1. Steam Account’s Password”: You can change your steam account’s password by logging to your steam account and go to “Account Details” > “Change my password
2. Change “Steam Linked Email address”:

  • Go to steam account details – Click here
  • Click onChange my email address
  • This will send the confirmation code to the current email. Login to the current email address (Credentials for current email will be shared in your order details). You can look for the logging URL to the linked email below
  • After putting in the confirmation code, it’ll ask you for the email address that you want as the primary linked email for the steam account
  • After putting the new email address, it’ll send a code to it and once you confirm it, it’ll change the linked email

3. Change Steam store region to your country: Click here to get the complete guide on “Steam store region change”

Email logging URL:

We currently support the following mail address for which you login through the following URLs:
(Example: If you have an email – [email protected] – you need to look for logging URL against “Email domain” – domain.com in the below mapping)

S. No Email server Email Domain Logging URL
1 QuickEmails InstantMail.co.in https://www.instantmail.co.in or https://quickemails.co.in
2 QuickEmails BCPStore.co.in https://www.bcpstore.co.in/ or https://quickemails.co.in
3 QuickEmails QuickLogin.co.in https://quicklogin.co.in/ or https://quickemails.co.in
4 QuickEmails MGLStore.co.in https://mglstore.co.in/ or https://quickemails.co.in
5 QuickEmails InstaMail.co.in https://instamail.co.in/ or https://quickemails.co.in
6 QuickEmails QuickMail.co.in https://quickmail.co.in/ or https://quickemails.co.in
7 QuickEmails QuickEmails.co.in https://quickemails.co.in
8 NA, External Earthquake.monster https://mail.zsthost.com/
9 NA, External Yandex.com https://mail.yandex.com/
10 NA, External Protonmail.com https://mail.protonmail.com/login

That’s it, you are done!
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Thank you for your purchase. We will be happy to serve you again!